Tea town Shizuoka
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[4/21 (Sunday) held: AOI traveller Matsuno ed. bessho flat tea plantation hike

This event is now closed

Aoi-ku conducts "Aoi Traveler" to introduce to you the events and activities that the area of Aoi-ku conducts independently.

4 月 91 日 (Sunday) AOI travelerBessho flat tea plantation hikeJoin the .

We will hike through Bessho-hea, which stretches out on a flat plateau of about 6.5 tokyo domes. On the day of the event, you will visit Matsugenji Temple, Matsuno Castle Ruins, Yakushido, etc., and you will be guided by the matsuno school district about the charm and history of the region. In addition, there are a lot of events which cannot be experienced without going there, such as tea picking experience and an event to taste the harvested tea leaves as tempura.

Please join us.

AOI traveller said...

By introducing and attracting a wide range of residents and attracting local residents, aoi ward promotes participation in local activities, such as increasing the number of residents involved in local activities and fostering awareness of self-help and mutual among residents. The aim is to further revitalize local residents' activities.

Exhibition outline

Date & time
9:00 - 14:00
Clean tea Matsuno (AOI-Ku Tsu 渡野) adjacent parking
* Local Assembly / dissolution
30 people
Participation fee
Hiking, (2) Special bento applicants are charged 1,000 yen each.
Advance registration
Subscription period
Must arrive on Wednesday, April 10
How to Apply
【Postcards, Fax】
Please apply for a postcard or fax at 054-221-1104 to "Aoi-ku Regional General Affairs Division Regional Promotion Section" in This order. Please fill in the following information when you apply.
(1) Event name, (2) address of the representative, name (phone phone), (3) address of all applicants, name (furigana), date of birth, (4) "hiking" "special bento" whether or not you want
Fill in.
[Electronic application:
Please apply from the lower URL.

◆In the case of a large number of applicants, it will be a lottery.
◆Time and content are subject to change.
Site URL
For inquiries:
AOI-Ku, AOI-Ku, Office Regional Affairs regional promotion Division (054-221-1051)


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