Tea town Shizuoka
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New Shizuoka tea Festival will be held!

This event is now closed

New tea season has arrived.

JR Shizuoka station underground (1 tea before the coffee shop) in the following new Shizuoka tea Festival will be held.

During the event, Shizuoka tea clear behaves in the English you daughter.

Also, Shizuoka city mayor everyone behaves in the English!

Exhibition outline

Held period
Each day at 13-17:
JR Shizuoka station underground (Cafe 1 ago)
Advance registration
No longer needed
Shizuoka tea industry and Commerce Association
From around 14 o'clock on Friday, May 3, the mayor of Shizuoka will also be having a new cup of tea!!
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[11/23 (Saturday and holiday)] GREEN MARCHE will be held!
[11/7 (Thursday) - 10 (Sunday)] World Tea Festival 2019 Plus Tour
November 7 (Thu) - Meeting to think about the world of Shizuoka tea: International Symposium and Exhibition of Materials "Shizuoka Tea Connecting the World"