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Spain Royals ' tribute of Ieyasu public aged Motoyama tea!

Spain Royals ' tribute of Ieyasu public aged Motoyama tea! Of the image

Shizuoka City (Deputy Mayor of Kohase) and The Shofu Motoyama Tea Festival Committee (Chairman, Mr. Kiyoki Suzuki, Representative Director of JA Shizuoka City) visited Mr. De Benito, Ambassador to Japan of the Embassy of Spain in Minato Ward, Tokyo, on Thursday, November 9, and entrusted the dedication of "Aged Motoyama Tea" to the King of Spain.

Spain and Japan began the story of Western clocks after Ieyasu rescued a wrecked Spanish ship about 400 years ago, and in April of this year, the city visited the king of Spain, the Queen and Empress of Spain, under the guidance of The Emperor and Empress.

Today's tea is "Aged Motoyama Tea" which is related to Prince Ieyasu, who kept it in a high-cold area of Igawa during the summer and dedicated it to Kunoyama Toshogu Shrine.

I hope that the friendship between Spain and Japan will continue in the future.