Tea town Shizuoka
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[5/24 (Friday) 37 tea pot on mountain the Shun shall way matrix, packed tea ceremony] will be held!


' Store the tea mountain and more aroma and flavor deepens.

It has been said.

"Edo period, sunpu Castle you uber Ieyasu is

Spring (new tea time), packed tea in the tea pot

The storage and aging in tea pots with cool igawa Dainichi pass during the summer, more than 1000 m above sea level

In late autumn, Shun enjoyed the flavor to the taste and aroma.

And it is said, Shun shall mountain tea Festival Committee, on this story from May to October over every six months, has held a series of events.

That would be the first time a series of events

"Stuffed with tea ceremony (ceremony to seal the new tea, Shizuoka Motoyama tea into the tea pot)



歴史・文化・茶のすべてが集約された、静岡ならではの儀式 ――――――

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