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"Shizuoka tea that my daughter' wanted!

"Shizuoka tea that my daughter' wanted! Of the image

You can work for two years in the advertising and PR projects of "Shizuoka City Tea" and "Tea Town Shizuoka City"I'm looking for a tea daughter.

Of course, those who like tea,Well I know that the tea OK!

Let's liven up "Tea Town Shizuoka City" together as a daughter of Shizuoka City Tea!

You forward your submissions!

Shizuoka tea industry revitalization council
(Composed of Shizuoka City Agricultural Cooperative, Shimizu Agricultural Cooperative, Shizuoka Tea Commerce and Industry Cooperative, Shizuoka City)

Job description
We will engage about 10 times a year in tea-related events organized by The Shizuoka City Tea Industry Promotion Council and constituent organizations (Shizuoka City Agricultural Cooperative, Shimizu Agricultural Cooperative, Shizuoka Tea Commerce Cooperative, Shizuoka City) to promote tea, distribute pamphlets, and provide tea services. (You will be engaged in various events on the day that is convenient for you.)

Qualification requirements
(1) Women over 18 years of age living or commuting to school in Shizuoka City (unmarried or married)
(2) Those who are not high school students as of April 1, 2020
(3) Those who can engage as a tea-only daughter for two years (April 2020-March 2022)

How to apply
Please fill out the application form and attach a photo (taken only within 6 months) and send it to the following application address or bring it with you.
Documents and photos will not be returned.

Tea-only daughter recruitment flyer (PDF)

Tea-no-Cha-Daughter Application Form (PDF)

Wanted persons
About 14 people

★ How to judge

We will conduct a document screening and an interview (private) examination. Interview screening: Saturday, February 29, 2020

The time and venue will be contacted by those who have passed the document screening.

Application deadline
Friday, January 31, 2020

Applicants and contact partners
Shizuoka tea industry Promotion Council "clearly Brown's daughter" section
5-4-70 songs, Suruga-Ku, Shizuoka 422-8506
JA Shizuoka City Farming Division