Tea town Shizuoka
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Town Tea Campaign November 1st Special Event

Image of the Special Event on November 1st of the Town Tea Campaign

The "Machi-Ocha Campaign" started on October 16th.

Have you already been to the limited-time SHOP "Shizuoka Tea Shop Icha Seasonal" in the underground plaza at the north exit of Shizuoka Station?

WellNovember 1is the birthday of the Holy One Nationalist who is the founder of Shizuoka tea.Shizuoka-Shi "tea day"Is.

In commemoration of this, you can taste special tea for this day in various places in the town, and you can enjoy "Shizuoka City, the town of tea".Special eventWe will hold!

The details are as follows:

"Szchika Tea Shop: Icha Seasonal Special Plan"

The beginning of Shizuoka tea "Ashikubo tea" will be offered at a special price for this day only.

(Time... 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Enjoy a cup of tea at Hanisk

Tea can be taken out only on November 1 at the tea shop around "Honeycomb Square" in Nanama-cho, a kimono town. Let's enjoy walking around the town with a leisurely cup of tea in Hanisk.

(Time... Business hours of cooperating stores)

[Cooperation shop]

・小山園 呉服町本店 10:00~19:00

・竹茗堂 静岡本店 10:00~19:00

・ななや静岡店 11:00~19:00

・MARUZEN Tea Roastery 11:00~18:00(ラストオーダー17:30)

・Good Tea Lab.(静岡伊勢丹7階) 10:00~18:30

Tea Cafe Appears on the Moat of Shofu Castle

Original tea will be sold at the Shofu Horino Terrace, which was just unveiled on October 17. You can spend a relaxing time with a cup of tea along with the music.

(Time... 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.


"Ochanoko Festival" Yosakoi Show

At the special stage of SHIZUOKA One heart days 2020 (Aoba green space B4 block), Shizuoka University Yosakoi Circle "Ochanoko Festival" will perform the original performance "Chakokoka" on the theme of tea.

(Time... 12:10-12:40, 15:40-16:10

PR booth at "Ochanomachi Shizuoka City"

We will disseminate information about "Ochanomachi Shizuoka City" at the booth in Kashiwa Square. There is also a PR corner by Shizuoka University Yosakoi Circle "Ochanoko Festival".

(Time... 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

Collaboration of tea and street performance!? "Cha-daughter & Crown" appeared


(Time... 13:00-15:00 / Location... Aoba Green Space, Hanikum Square in Shichima Town, Horino Terrace, Shizuchika Area)

On November 1st, please go out to the town and enjoy "Ochanomachi Shizuoka City🍵

We are looking forward to seeing you!