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Mountain tea pot made up!

Mountain tea pot made up! Of the image

City of Shizuoka agricultural policy Division, tea is the international division.

[I did the mountain lifting of the tea pot! 】

May28Held on Saturday (the 1st40Huijunfu Honzan Tea Pot Road Procession Ceremony of Tea Stuffing" at the new teaStuffed tea pots, June 3(Gold)I delivered it to the tea brewery in Igawa.

The tea brewery is located at Igawa Ōhi Pass (elevation1000It was located in the picnic plaza of m above, and the air felt cool on the day. In this cool environment, the new tea packed in the tea pot is aged for about 5 months.

The tea pot may refer to:10Moon30The "No. 1" scheduled to be held on Sunday (Sunday)40In the Ceremony of the Cutting of the Mouth in the Middle Procession of the Huijunfu Honzan Tea Pot Road, it is sealed and dedicated at the Kunoyama Tōshō Shrine.

I can't wait from now on!