Tea town Shizuoka
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Discover a new way of drinking tea.
Tea prepared with a mortar.


Marushiro’s tea plant is situated in Kagoue near Shizuoka Station and the city center. Mr. and Ms. Shirotsuka have processed tea grown at their farm in Uchimaki along the Abe River and distributed it mainly outside the prefecture for over 40 years. They hope that people will learn that tea is not limited to sencha and drink more tea in different ways. Visitors can have a close look at traditional tea processing tools which are rarely found today.

Contact person:
Ms. Shirotsuka

Experience programs

An unusual and surprising tea experience

The closest tea farm from Shizuoka Station, perfect to spend some time and have a refreshing experience.
You can tour their plant and see their traditional processing tools, which are quite rare nowadays as well as taste the rich and mellow flavor of tea prepared in a mortar.

Reservation RequiredPlease make reservations at least 3 days before the intended date of tour.
From June to April
1500JPY/person (Tax Included) *Snacks included
[Additional courses]
Mini Gladiator tea experience1000JPY/person (Tax included)
How to make classroom1000JPY/person (Tax included)
Motoyama tea experience1000JPY/person (Tax Included) *Snacks included
Capacity 1 to 8 people
Total Duration 1hour *Not including any additional courses
What to Expect (1) Visit of the workshop (20mins)
Old fashioned tea factory, finishing for tea utensils, oven roasted tea for you can see the iron pot 2.
(2) Welcome Tea (10mins)
(3) Prepare tea in a mortar (30mins)

[Additional Courses]
Tea quiz battle(30mins)
Tea serving experience (30mins)
Motoyama green tea experience (30mins)
Meeting Place Marushiroen (28-20 Kagoue, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka)
* You can take the No. 9 bus, get off at Kagoue-chū, and it will be right on the across the street
15min. by taxi from Shizuoka Station

Contact & Reservation

Shizuoka Tea Tourism Desk


5 passenger cars
Japanese only
28-20 Kagoue, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka
10 minutes by car from JR Shizuoka Station