Tea town Shizuoka
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Tea town Shizuoka

The Shizuoka City Website of The Tea Town is a site that conveys the charm of tea in Shizuoka City and guides you from a wide range of perspectives about things, things, and tokoros related to tea.

In addition, the introduction efforts teas in Shizuoka, which is carried along the Shizuoka city region of Japan computation paintings based on the region of Shizuoka city aim Japan article example was established in order to foster next generation inherits as a region of Japan, Shizuoka-Shi Shizuoka tea tradition, culture, industry, etc..

Gather all Shizuoka tea topic portal site aims to deliver hot deals will continue.

About the content

Taste the green tea

We will carefully select and deliver information for tasting Shizuoka City's tea, such as tea cafes, tea sweets, and tea dishes.

Tea tourism guide

Guide to "tea tourism" that you can enjoy in Shizuoka City. Introducing experience spots and services and tour plans.

Tea and Shizuoka

The introduction of branded tea of Shizuoka city and region. To introduce an region of Japan's plan work, Shizuoka-Shi Shizuoka tea traditions, culture, and industry to the future generations.

Knowledge of tea

Such as tea leaves how do you put those different types of teas and tea, tea leaves, that day we will be more tea, pleasant and including for of will introduce information.

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