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Moriuchi Tea Farm

Yoshio MoriuchiMr.

Balance of aroma, taste, sweetness and astringency. We make comfortable tea for the body and kokoro that you can drink as many cups as you want.

Moriuchi Tea Plantation is a tea farmer that has been around since the Edo period in the Honyama district, a historic tea production area that has been offered as "goricha".
"We aim to make tea that is not ashamed of our ancestors. According to the words of yoshio Moriuchi, the owner of moriuchi tea plantation, the tea at Moriuchi Tea Plantation has been highly evaluated at numerous tea fairs, and in the 2020 National Tea Fair Ordinary Sencha 4 kg section, we have won the second prize for the eighth consecutive year.

We are also actively working on tea tourism, such as a Japanese tea tour and tea experience that takes advantage of the scenery of the tea garden on a steep slope in the shape of a mortar. Please try the taste that the participating customers "were moved to tears by the deliciousness" once by all means.

Moriuchi Tea Farm
705 Uchimaki, Aoi-ku

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National Tea Fair Ordinary Sencha 4kg Part Winning Tea or Exhibiting Tea

TypeSencha (shallow steamed)
VarietiesIt's a good time.
Market value (hp, see shop. Because of the bidding method, there is a change depending on the year)
A beautiful tea leaf that is shiny, shiny and sighs thinly. It has a sweet smell somewhere in a fresh scent like a wind that leaves the forest. When you brew tea, the light blue is close to transparent, but it has a powerful and elegant taste. The throat is silky smooth and the astringency that finally come with Sue is pleasant. You can taste the king of sencha.
It can be sold in small quantities that are easy to purchase.

Tea to drink after rice

TypeSencha (shallow steamed)
VarietiesYbuye, Others
200g ¥1,080
Tea that you can enjoy plenty of deliciously in the middle of a meal or after a meal. It is a convenient tea that can be brewed slowly at low temperatures and available with Japanese sweets, and can be brewed quickly in a short time using the hot water of the pot as it is, and you can taste the refreshing throat and sweetness. This tea has the most repeat customers in our garden.

Japanese Black Tea Ybut

VarietiesIt's a good time.
40g ¥540
Since 1999, tea has been free of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. We have given up the free tea garden, do not use pesticides, and use the june shoots of the tea garden grown only with organic fertilizer of rapeseed lees and fish lees as black tea. It has a honey-like aroma, a biscuit-like aroma, and is also exported to the UK with popular teas from overseas. It is a smooth throat tea with little astringency, and you can hydrate with watered tea in summer and warm, straight and delicious in winter.
Because it is easy to drink without a habit, it is recommended as a healthy tea with fruit tea and ginger. In addition, it is characterized by a lower quality than sencha even if you carry it in a warm my bottle.

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