Tea town Shizuoka
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Masaki UchinoMr.

It boasts a unique aroma and taste of mountain tea.

One hour by car from Shizuoka city, Tamagawa's Osawa district is surrounded by misty mountains and tea plantations. The Osawa area is a famous tea producing area that produces fragrant and firm tea, and tea is made in most households in the district. Masaki Uchino, who continues to make tea in the Osawa area, says, "Mountain tea has a unique aroma, and I cherish it."

Osawa Farmer’s CafésMasaki is also active as the voice of the voice. "In order to enjoy tea, of course, delicious tea is important, but I think that the drinking environment and conversation are very important."
Come and have a rustic and leisurely time.
(Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, the café on the porch side is closed)

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Aoi-ku Osawa 276

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Osawa Tea

TypeKabushi tea (shallow steamed)
VarietiesIt's a good time.
80g ¥1,000
It is a tea with a high aroma and a strong taste born from the fertile soil of Osawa and the temperature difference between morning and night.

Roasted green tea

TypeRoasted green tea
VarietiesIt's a good time.
80g ¥350
By roasting the stems of the yabukita, there is a fragrant flavor and you can enjoy a refreshing drinking mouth. You can also drain the water.

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