Tea town Shizuoka
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Kiyomi UchinoMr.

A mountain investigator who pours everything he can and faces tea.

An hour's drive from shizuoka city center. Kiyomi Uchino continues to make uncompromising tea in Tochizawa upstream of the Awarashina River, a tributary of the Abe River. Aiming for the height of "I want to make delicious tea", we grow tea trees with natural tailoring that takes a lot of effort. "There is a great conflict between my convenience and the convenience of tea," he says, exuding the difficulty. Hand-picked tea made from the powerful trees that grew up in this way can be enjoyed by ripening over time from freshly made fresh tea.

In addition to growing tea, we are fully committed to making tea, including carpentry work such as remodeling and maintenance of processing machines according to the tea we want to make, and developing software for managing the tea making settings of processing machines.

Many fans visit the tea ceremony, which I started at home in the 1980s, to know more about Tochizawa's tea. The tea at this tea ceremony is the true value of Kiyomi's tea. Please visit once to taste the tea served in the spring water of Tochizawa.

421 Tochizawa, Aoi-ku

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TypeSencha (shallow steamed)
VarietiesIt's a good time.
100g ¥3,285
Because it is an old village of Shizuoka tea, it is enthusiastic, it manages it as well as the tea garden for the exhibition at the fair, and the technology is carefully picked with one heart three leaves, and it is the one that it rubbed it carefully. It takes too much time and effort, and it is not cultivated as a competition exhibition because it is inefficient. We want to grow up in a misty field and be a dew that is calm.

Conventional Hojicha Kinzan

TypeRoasted green tea
Varietiesnative species
50g ¥304
Traditional seedlings and natural blends from ancient life
I just don't rely on pesticides... You can enjoy the lightness and aroma that seems to be a native species.

Tea KINZAN 1st

Varietiesnative species
50g ¥578
It has an exquisite balance because of the mix of miscellaneous varieties from ancient days, and it is a gentle Japanese tea that nostalgicizes the 20th century.

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