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Maruko Black Tea


A pioneer of Hontomiki who continues to make real tea in Maruko-no-sato, the birthplace of Japanese tea.

It is now widely known that the tea of Beni Fuuki is effective against hay fever, but it was Mr. Muramatsu Jiroku who succeeded in cultivating this kind of tea for the first time in Japan.

With the liberalization of tea imports in 1971, the production of domestic tea declined, and Japanese tea was in crisis. From the thought that "we must never cease to make tea in the birthplace of Japanese tea," we have accumulated research on all aspects of tea, such as safe and secure tea making by organic cultivation, wilting equipment used for processing, and original development of fermentors that have obtained domestic patents. In pursuit of this know-how, they are also committed to providing guidance to tea farmers visiting from all over the country.

The black tea of Hongtomiki made by Mr. Niroku has a sparkling crimson color, a mellow deep taste that you can enjoy the aroma of hot or iced, and it has received high praise as the culmination of research. Please taste Maruko tea, which is also a purveyor of the Belgian royal family.

Maruko Black Tea
Suruga Ward Maruko 6775

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Maruko Tea (Hongtomi Gui)

80g ¥1,650
Darjeeling and Assam Combination of black tea that clears all taste, light blue, and aroma.

Maruko Black Tea (Red Hikari)

VarietiesBeni Hikari
80g ¥1,080
It is a Chinese-Indian variety, light blue is bright, and it is easy to drink with a simple mouth.

Maruko black tea (conventional)

Varietiesnative species
80g ¥770
With a rich taste, you can feel the taste of black tea firmly. Tea that goes well with Japanese food.

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