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Marjou Mumrumyien

Hiroki MurakamiMr.

We make tea carefully in a scenic tea plantation overlooking Mt. Fuji floating in the sea of clouds.

Located in a mountain area overlooking Mt. Fuji and Shimizu Port in Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, Marjou Mokamien is a tea garden that has been around since the Meiji era.
The fourth generation, Hironori Murakami, inherits the thoughts and techniques of his former tea making, and continues to make carefully selected teas with sincerity and effort.

The belief of Marjou Mumuckaen garden is "The vernity of raw leaves comes out to tea as it is. Delicious tea is from tea leaves. In order to draw out the deliciousness and freshness of tea leaves, we use fertilizers that are formulated by our own, mainly organic fertilizers, and take time and effort in autumn and winter to make tea trees.

Please enjoy the tea of Marjou Mumamien, which is finished in the middle between deep steaming and shallow steaming so that it can be enjoyed deliciously no no who brews it.

Marjou Mumrumyien
1050 Yoshiwara, Shimizu-ku

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Honey Tea

30g ¥1,080
It is an authentic tea with a fruity aroma reminiscent of Muscat and a slightly sweet aftertaste using the tea variety [Be nibancha].
2019 Nippon Tea Award Fine Product Award
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Spring tea

50g ¥650
The first tea leaf of the ben fwood is used. It is a tea with a gentle taste with a refreshing fruity aroma and a slightly sweet aftertaste.

2014 and 2016 Shizuoka Tea Fair Finishing Tea Category
2017 Shizuoka Tea Fair Tea Division 1st Prize Tea

Sencha Native Species

TypeSencha (medium steamed)
Varietiesnative species
100g ¥864
A rare native species that has rarely been cultivated until now. It is a green tea with a wild taste that you can feel the umami in a unique aroma and astringency.
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