Tea town Shizuoka
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Terumi SuzukiMr.

More than 100 years after its founding, in both rivers of Shimizu Ward, we are protecting and passing on the manufacturing method of generations unique to the past.

The origin of the name of Seiteru Yuen is the desire of our predecessors to "protect and convey the origin of tea that is clean, rich, and illuminated by beautiful nature."
"Making tea is difficult from managing the tea garden to harvesting and processing, but I am grateful for the changes in tea in the making process and the encounters with the differences in every day," says Terumi Suzuki, the owner of the garden, who tries to make tea that can be served to customers with a smile on her face.

By commercializing dolls using tea seeds, accessories for tea dyeing, and holding workshops on making walnut buttons, she continues to make efforts to convey the appeal of tea from the perspective of a female gardener.

In search of matcha, which is rare in Shizuoka, Terumi says that she is happy and unforgettable about the customers who came from Niigata and Sapporo. Please enjoy Terumi's tea slowly with compassion as a child and infused with plenty of kindness and affection.

Nakagawachi, Shimizu-ku 4209

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Ryokawachi Matcha White Time Signature

TypeMatcha green tea
VarietiesKanaya Midori and Yabukita
20g ¥1,620
It is a matcha tea that has been hand-picked one by one, with a mellow and gentle sweetness and aroma that remains in the mouth forever, with a bright green and creamy and fine foam reminiscent of the deep nature of the mountains in the mountains of both rivers. Because there is little astringency and bitterness, it is easy to eat even for small children and matcha beginners.

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Yamaplucki Tea Assortment

TypeGyokuro, covering, shallow steaming, deep steaming, brown rice tea
VarietiesIt's a good time.
The fog consisting of the temperature difference between morning and evening in the village of the clear stream and the two rivers is evidence of the production area where you can get high-quality tea with nature. It is a gift set realized because it is a tea farmer who can enjoy the sweetness of gyokuro, the sweetness of cover, the aroma of shallow steamed tea, the richness of deep steamed tea, and the mellowness of brown rice tea.

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Japanese Tea by Angel Mayu

Varietiesnative species
Since more than 100 years ago, tea flowers bloomed in autumn in the tea plantation of Kiyoteru Yuen, and we made tea from Japan ancient native species grown from tea fruits naturally blended by bees and other things that come close to the flowers. It has a gentle aroma and umami created by nature, and it is sweet and easy to drink even without sugar.

The package contains the hope that you will feel beautiful and calm like an angel in this busy time.
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