Tea town Shizuoka
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Kogane Midori Chaen

Hiromitsu SatoMr.

The only tea garden in the world on the mountain that shines golden.

Morokozawa, the Okawa district of Shizuoka City. After climbing the mountain path to see if one mini-car can pass at the last minute, a golden tea plantation spreading out in the "unexplored area" deep in the mountains.

Hiromitsu Sato, the owner of the garden, discovered golden shoots in a tea plantation 30 years ago, and because it was so beautiful, he tried to increase this tea as a hobby as a hobby, such as bonsai or a house hedge. "I was surprised to try it out. Hiromitsu says. Since then, he has been increasing the number of saplings by cutting one by one with his father and two people, in order to make a golden tea plantation.

Hiromitsu's personality attracts fans by focusing on accepting tea tourism, such as operating a rest space using a golden tea room and an old private house, and offering a tea picking experience and a luxurious time to slowly look at the golden tea garden while soaking in the footbath.

"The saplings planted elsewhere have withered. "Golden midori" is a rare tea with a very small annual production volume and a lot of time and effort for processing. It is a gem that you want to taste by all means, the person who drank reacts with "Oops".

Kogane Midori Chaen
219 Morokozawa, Aoi-ku

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Golden Green Sencha

TypeSencha (shallow steamed)
VarietiesSelf-selected species
20g ¥1,500/50g ¥3,000
It is a golden tea born from a mutation 30 years ago. It possesses a lot of amino acids, has a strong taste, and has a sweetness. It is recommended to drink it with water.

Golden Green Hojicha

TypeRoasted green tea
VarietiesSelf-selected species
50g ¥500
Golden tea leaves were roasted. By roasting over time, it is characterized by a thin aroma and a unique flavor, which is different from general hojicha. Please enjoy the gentle sweetness spreading in your mouth.

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