Tea town Shizuoka
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Saranti Shizuhata

Based on the belief of "making delicious and safe tea cheaper", we will make tea that will please everyone.

In the Abe River basin in Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, salanti Shizuhata, a tea factory that produces honyama tea. Tea leaves picked in a tea plantation blessed with natural environment such as pure water, fog, and clear air are thoroughly kneaded to bring out the taste of the core, resulting in a rich aroma unique to mountain tea. Even now, with the progress of efficiency and the focus of machine manufacturing, he still values the sense of human beings who have inherited experience and tradition.
We are also focusing on activities to pass on "delicious tea" to future generations, proud of the production area, such as accepting factory tours as food education activities of local elementary schools.

Saranti Shizuhata
792-5 Shimo, Aoi-ku

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TypeSencha (shallow steamed)
VarietiesIt's a good time.
200g ¥1,150
It is the most popular tea at an affordable price, and is also drunk by producers.


TypeSencha (shallow steamed)
VarietiesIt's a good time.
100g ¥680
It has a deep and mellow taste, and it is a product with many repeat customers. Popular with overseas customers!


TypeSencha (shallow steamed)
VarietiesIt's a good time.
100g ¥920
It is a popular kamisencha as a gift rich in the aroma of new tea.

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