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Ohara Daiichi Kyodo Tea Making Association

A tea factory that pursues delicious deep steamed tea and continues to observe traditional manufacturing methods.

The Ohara Daiichi Kyodo Tea Association is a tea factory that handles "Yongkon tea" in the Warashina River basin of the Abe River tributary.
"Yongkon tea" was made in four processes when making tea, and it is said that the origin of "Yonkotei" changed to become "Yoncon" (there are various theories). Yongkon tea currently made here is finished with "120 seconds of special steaming of withered tea leaves".

Wilting is a process of evaporating the moisture of tea leaves, and by steaming the picked tea immediately with normal tea making overnight, it does not become shattered even if it is deep steamed for as much as 120 seconds, and it seems to be finished in a deep steamed tea that can be drunk deliciously.
Please try a slightly different deep steamed tea with a refreshing astringency.

Ohara Daiichi Kyodo Tea Making Association
140-1 Ohara, Aoi-ku

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Yongkon Tea A 200g Included

TypeSencha (deep steaming)
VarietiesIt's a good time.
200g ¥1,500
The tea leaves harvested around the 88th night wilt to the maximum, and by finishing it by deep steaming method, the light blue color is good, and it is a fragrant tea. You can enjoy up to the second and third roasts.

Yoncon Tea B 200g Included

TypeSencha (deep steaming)
VarietiesIt's a good time.
200g ¥1,000
A blend of first and second tea.
It is a tea that you can drink casually everyday, and the refreshing taste and mild astringency become habit.

200g Yong Kong Meicha

TypeSencha (deep steaming)
VarietiesIt's a good time.
200g ¥1,000
"Mecha" is a collection of stems and buds that come out when yongkon tea is produced. It is characterized by a refreshing and mellow flavor.

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