Tea town Shizuoka
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town tea quotient gather

Kitaban Town, Anzai, around Shizuoka tea market such as tea town, including the tea wholesaler and mediation commerce, various industries related to tea, there are a number of tea industry related facilities.
For this reason, Shizuoka City, and integrated a variety of information about tea collection tea from all over, it plays a role to deliver to the whole country by the addition of value-added. In addition, materials such as tea boxes and tea bag in the city, tea processing machinery, there are many related industries involved in tea, such as warehouses and transportation industry. Town of such tea, triggered the development of related industries is, is there deeply related to the fact that tea has been exported from Shimizu.

Work of tea quotient (tea wholesaler)

Shizuoka tea gather from across the country. Heating to suit their characteristics of dried tea all over stocked the drink tastes, if pair (gougumi) and the tea is a tea wholesaler's work.


Various rough tea produced in rough tea plants around the eyes, nose, tongue, and take full advantage of the experience and feel like honed sense to identify its characteristics, for finishing had tea consumer preferences It will make the purchase on. In Shizuoka, tea nurses with qualifications of 10-stage not only a few people across the country in the tea of ​​screening technology will have even two people.

Fire pan

The burning, with further well dry the rough tea, it is the work to be performed in order to bring out the tea unique flavor and taste. The finish to the tea flavor is different depending on the way of burning even in the same tea, tea masters of technology will have a significant impact.

If set (Gogumi)

The case set, and assess the characteristics of the production area and varieties, steamed condition, etc. are different rough tea, is a technology that produces a tea that is more value by blending. Ara tea things fragrant, some of the flavor to taste, what shape is excellent, light blue and those vivid, has a wide variety of features. Taking advantage of each of the features, make the products more valuable technology is the case of sets.