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The 10th Shizuoka City Tea Festival will be held!

This event is now closed

"Discover! Tea town"An event with a large gathering of information and attractions of "Tea in Shizuoka City" and "Shizuoka City, the City of Tea""Shizuoka City Tea Festival"But I'm back for the first time in 3 years!

This is an event held once every three years to convey the charm of Japan tea to the world."World Tea Festival 2022 Autumn Festival" (Granship)It will be held at the same time.

For more information about the World Tea Festival 2022,HereClick!

For four days, you can discover and experience the unique charm of tea in Shizuoka City, such as selling and comparing unique teas from each production area in the city, and selling dishes and sweets using tea.

Please come and experience the deep world of tea in Shizuoka City!

【Implementation details】※This is a current schedule and is subject to change in the future.

(1) Booth

(1) Shizuoka Tea Industry Cooperative Association

Japan tea café "Shizu Chika Chaten Issa" at the north exit of Shizuoka Station in World Tea Festival

(2) Organic Matcha Cafe Wami *Only on the 22nd (Sat) and 23rd (Sun)

Latte using organically grown matcha produced in Shizuoka Prefecture

(3) Manfuku Sake House

Yakisoba (fried noodles) with tea, fried from chicken

(4) Fuchu Kashiwade, Iwao

Chameshi bento, sozai, tea sweets, etc.

⑤ tea+

Japanese black tea, fruit tea, flavored tea, etc.

(6) Kiyoteru Yuen

Matcha seats that even beginners can enjoy, and tea-dyed products and Japanese sweets are also sold!

(7) Ashikubo Tea Works Tea Agricultural Cooperative

Sale of special tea and Japanese black tea made in Ashikubo, the birthplace of Shizuoka tea

(8) Sushi Shop Yamashichi

Sales of "Chakura shrimp" fried specialty cherry blossom shrimp and Shizuoka tea leaves, etc.

(9) Shizuoka Commercial High School Business Exploration Department Regional Revitalization Team *Only on 21st (Fri), 22nd (Sat), 23rd (Sun)

Workshop experience (tea experience, package design experience)

(10) Shizuoka City

Introduction of Shizuoka City, a tea town

(11) Shizuoka City Tea Industry Promotion Council

Shizuoka City's tea PR (tea and questionnaire surveys are also conducted!) )

(12) Okushiz Base

Sale of tea and specialty products from the mountainous area "Okushizu" in Shizuoka City

(13) Shizuoka University Tea Club "Issen"

Sale of original blended tea

(14) Otaka Tea Garden

Sale of special tea grown in Maruko, Suruga Ward (all-you-can-pack tea!) )

(15) Marutaka Farm

Sales of semi-fermented tea, roasted green tea, and wilted sencha

(16) Aiwa Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Sale of chiffon cakes made by tea farmers, etc.

(17) Maruumien

Sale of single-origin tea grown in Mohata, Shimizu Ward, etc.

(18) Agricultural Production Corporation Nect Limited Company

Sales of Motoyama shallow steamed tea, deep steamed tea, Kabuse tea, black tea, etc.

* For details of exhibitors and floor maps,HereClick!

(2) Shizuoka City "Tea Day" Poster Contest Prize-winning works display

With the aim of giving people the opportunity to become familiar with Shizuoka City's "Tea Day" and "Shizuoka City Tea" and widely disseminating information and attractions about tea in Shizuoka City, we hold a poster contest every year for those who are enrolled in elementary and junior high schools in Shizuoka City or special needs schools in the city.

This year's theme is"The Future of Shizuoka City, the City of Tea".

The winning works selected from a large number of entries will be displayed at the World Tea Festival 2022 Autumn Festival venue.

Planned exhibition location: GRANSHIP 3F Exhibition space

(3) Mystery Solving Rally

Mystery-solving rally held at the "Shizuoka City Tea Festival" and "World Tea Festival 2022 Autumn Festival" venues!*Participation is free.

By solving the riddle rally and answering the questionnaire, the first 500 people on each day will receive a prize!

Please join us!

Exhibition outline

Held period
Daily 10:00~16:00
Granship Outdoor (in Higashi Shizuoka 2-3-1, Suruga-ku)
Participation fee
Advance registration
No longer needed
Shizuoka City (Agricultural Policy Division), Shizuoka City Tea Industry Promotion Council
For inquiries:
Shizuoka city (agricultural policy)
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