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34 tea pot on mountain the Shun shall way of matrix and sausages will be held!

34 tea pot on mountain the Shun shall way of matrix and sausages will be held! Of the image

Community agricultural policy Division, tea is the international division.

Finally arrived! "34 tea pot on mountain the Shun shall way Yi of mouth procession" will be held!

Do you remember you?

In late may, leaving the packed tea ceremony made at JR Shizuoka Station North exit underground event Plaza,...

The tea URN is kept in igawa during summer, cool tea collection, taken to kunouzan Toshogu Shrine waiting to fall "aged tea" became the last weekend collection made, Ieyasu is relieved of its seal.

[Contents] (Rain * (2))

(1) "Kurade no Gigi and Safety Prayer Ceremony" / 8:00-8:30 / Igawa Dainichi Pass "Ochazo"

(2) "Ochatsubo Michinaka Procession" / 10:00 a.m. - Noon / Shizuoka Tea Market - Shofu Castle Park

(3) "Dedication Ceremony" / 14:00-15:00 / Kunoyama Toshogu Worship Hall

Procession dressed in period costume this year is just gorgeous gorgeousness of the line appears in Shizuoka city!

Unique Shizuoka testifying to Ieyasu Shizuoka tea and aggregated all of the history, culture, and tea ceremony. Please enjoy it!

Here is a review.

H28 road flyers-behind the scenes

(1) "tea pot way matrix" of the story and was

This event was "packed tea tea pot spring (new tea time) by order of the Edo period, tea-loving mogul Tokugawa Ieyasu, igawa Dainichi pass during summer cool"tea pot "in storage and aging, and carried to sunpu Castle in fall out of the tea pot, tea was served. "That is conducted on the story.

(2) on the way this year's procession of parade route

Tea Street → main street Aoba green B3 → Shizuoka tea market (Shizuoka Motoyama tea, enjoy! ) → egawa-Cho intersection → Higashi Mikado (sunpu Castle admission! ) → sunpu Castle Park Ieyasu before the public image (lock type)

↓… Then the party moves to kunouzan Toshogu Shrine.

In solemn atmosphere at Kuno mountain Toshogu Shrine hall of worship than 2:00 PM are finally celebrated in brim with Yi.

3:00 PM after the ceremony at the shrine before lifting the ban had been Ieyasu also suffered "aged tea" will be served!

(3) a stamp rally information

This event that was held on 10/15 ' 5 Shizuoka city tea Festival "from the target event stamp rally start. Then 10/27-30 "No. 6 times World tea Festival celebration of the fall of 2016", 11 / 5 ~ 6 "Shun shall mountain autumn tea Festival in momijiyama Garden" and should continue, so try it! * This seal location is Kuno mountain Tosho-gu shrine hall of worship before.

History of "Shizuoka tea city" and Norway enjoy many cultural aspects, please enjoy!