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Shizuoka City Tea Day Event "Tea Marche" will be held!



静岡市「お茶の日」や「静岡市のお茶」が持つ魅力を広く発信するため、地方創生の推進に向けた協定を締結している株式会社コジマとの連携により、Shizuoka City Tea Day Event "Tea Marche"We will hold!

日時:令和4年10月30日(日) 10:00~17:00

会場:コジマ×ビックカメラ静岡店 1階入口(静岡市駿河区国吉田1-1-57)


【Marché Exhibition Details】

◆Otaka Tea Garden

Sale of Shizuoka tea by farmers

◆Shizuoka Tea Industry Cooperative Association

Sale of single-origin tea (single variety of tea leaves made on a single farm) by production area in Shizuoka City

◆Sunburaku City

Sales of tea-related products (confectionery, tea-based goods, etc.)

◆Yoshimura Direct Sales Office Shizuoka Yaizu

Sale of tea confectionery and tea utensils

◆Kojima × Bic Camera Shizuoka

Cooking demonstration using tea leaves

◆Shizuoka City

PR of Shizuoka City, a tea town

Find your favorite tea and enjoy it!