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We received a donation to the "Connecting to the Future 'Shizuoka City of Tea City' Project"

Image of donation to "Connecting to the Future 'Shizuoka City' Project

The history of tea in Shizuoka City begins when the high priest "Seiichi Kokushi" of the Kamakura period sowed tea seeds brought back from China in the city, and it is said that Prince Tokugawa Ieyasu enjoyed the flavor of tea at Sunpu Castle in the Edo period.
In order to pass on the tea culture and history of Shizuoka City, which was discovered by our predecessors and passed down from generation to generation, to the children who will lead the future and the younger generation, we aim to create a future image of "a tea city that everyone in the world can aspire to" 100 years from now by providing opportunities to familiarize and enjoy tea from childhood and holding courses.Connecting to the Future "Shizuoka City, Tea City" ProjectWe are working on.

We would like to introduce companies that have endorsed this project and donated through the regional revitalization support tax system (corporate version of hometown tax payment).

Kumiai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. President & CEO Makoto Takagi (1-4-26 Ikenohata, Taito-ku, Tokyo)

Donation amount: 1,000,000 yen

Company Profile
Based on the main theme of "protecting and nurturing life and nature," the Kumiai Chemical Group contributes to the realization of a sustainable society by developing and providing innovative agricultural production technologies centered on agricultural chemicals that support global agricultural production and various chemical products that enrich daily life, as well as a wide range of businesses, including construction, printing, logistics, and information services. We continue to take on insatiable challenges with the aim of realizing a "flexible and strong corporate group that supports rich lifestyles with unique technologies and contributes to the sustainable development of society in harmony with nature."

Company URL:Kumiai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.(New Window View)

Thank you very much to Kumiai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. for your support.

The donation will be used for tea culture promotion project expenses (a project to pass on the culture and history of tea in Shizuoka City to the children and younger generations who will bear the future).

Please check the corporate version of hometown tax payment from the following.

URL:Corporate version of hometown tax payment(New Window View)