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Tofuku-ji Temple (Kyoto) consisted of Shizuoka tea PR and sales!

Tofuku-ji Temple (Kyoto) consisted of Shizuoka tea PR and sales! Of the image

Did you know that the Hierophant 1 Inner Temple of Rinzai sect Chief Temple East-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture) from Shizuoka (AOI-Ku, 栃沢)?

5/4/2016 (Wednesday) tofuku-ji Temple in the sales of "Shizuoka tea" and plummeted the birth of tea clearly Okawa district self-government association with tea (3 daughters).

Ceremony is held for the second time this year that was conducted for the first time this year (tea cake with 1 person 500 yen), Shizuoka tea (infusions of Okawa) and offers us many customers look over.

Sales of "fresh Wasabi (栃沢 from Shizuoka city), yuzu miso manju, Shizuoka Motoyama tea was very popular.

Also planted the Okawa area of tofuku-ji Temple tea trees are planted.

Look at this site at the time was to go on a trip to Kyoto is in Shizuoka and Yukari tofuku-ji Temple is?.


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