Tea town Shizuoka
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0/2016 "School of Shizuoka city tea" opening ceremony and first conducted.

The opening ceremony of the 2016 Shizuoka City Tea School and the first lecture were held. Images of

6/25 (Saturday) 0/2016 "School of Shizuoka city tea" opening ceremony and first conducted.

Students in this year's 36. You see of Shizuoka tea"gathered and bring attention to the"Shizuoka tea city".

In Shizuoka city, has carried out various HRD and bundled into one year HRD for their "Shizuoka citizen College this and this-in" began.

"School of Shizuoka city tea" also "Shizuoka citizen College this and this-in" of is positioned as a professional degree.

This year "Shizuoka citizen College this-this-to" of learning in community design college related Department and environment University has received many students.

Shizuoka citizen College this and this, the symbol

Tanabe Shizuoka Mayor (President) also participated in the opening ceremony.

The community leaders from the Mayor (President) of the idea gave a talk about the hope of citizenship to.

Greetings from Mayor (President)

"History of Shizuoka tea" is the first theme

Shizuoka industrial University Research Institute Scholar Nakamura sheep, like a lecture.

1 lecture, "the history of Shizuoka tea"

Nakamura as well as Japan domestic, was awarded the "tea ceremony culture Award" in the book 'crop and popular coffee shop city' in June this year, has been the study of folklore of tea in China and Southeast Asia.

In the lecture "introduction of tea to Japan" and "Shizuoka tea became nationally famous brand because" interesting stories 聞kemashita lot.

The second annual Department teas 'tea picking experience and production tour"I learn process until I dried tea.