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Efficacy of tea

Green tea is widely known to contain many ingredients that are thought to have a good health effect, but research results have shown that habitually ingesting green tea has reduced the risk of death in men and women and the risk of death from heart disease, men's cerebrovascular disease and respiratory disease.
The astringency and bitterness of tea
Catechin (number)
It has a strong antioxidant effect and is effective in preventing lifestyle-related diseases such as arteriosclerosis, cancer, and high blood pressure. It also has a strong bactericidal effect, which prevents bad breath, tooth decay, and food poisoning.
The bitter ingredients of tea
Caffeine (
It has the effect of flying drowsiness and activating the function of the brain and heart. Caffeine is said to be more likely to cause headaches if taken too much, so be careful about overdose.
Sweetness and umami ingredients of tea
Theanine (album)
It is an amino acid contained only in the leaves of tea and has the effect of relaxing the mind and body.
Vitamin C.
Vitamin C
It is effective in preventing cancer and colds. The amount of vitamin C required per day is about 50mg in adults. It is equivalent to ten cups of tea.
Minor (album)
Minerals such as fluorine, zinc and manganese are also included in the tea. In particular, fluorine strengthens the surface of the tooth and has the effect of applying resistance to tooth decay.
※ National Cancer Research Center for Cancer Prevention and Screening Research Center prevention research group "About association between green tea intake and all-cause mortality, the primary cause of death death

The major component and efficacy that is included in the green tea

Lowering of blood cholesterol
Body fat-lowering effect
Cancer Prevention
Acid-fast action
Dental worm preventive, an antibacterial effect
Anti-influenza effect
Blood pressure elevation inhibitory action
Inhibition of blood sugar rises
Halitosis preventive (deodorizing effect)
Awakening action (removal of fatigue and sleepiness)
To increase in endurance
Hangover prevention
Diuretic effect
Protective effects of Neurology cell
Relax action (α wave emergence)
Vitamin C
Health maintenance of skin and mucous membranes (collagen formation)
Acid-fast action
Vitamin B2
Health maintenance of skin and mucous membranes
Vitamin E
Acid-fast action
Onset prevention of neural tube closure disorder
Arteriosclerosis preventive
beta カ ロ テ ン
Maintaining night vision
Dental worm preventive
(Zinc, manganese, etc.)
Health regulatory action
γ- amino butyric acid
Hypotensive effect
Acid-fast action
Strengthening the blood vessel wall
Cancer Prevention