Tea town Shizuoka
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Until tea

Tea picking (plucking)

April-shoots are picked around may. Keep the fresh leaves picked to carry the tea factory as soon as possible.

Tea farmers


Steaming fresh leaves, the leaves they do, and then taking the strawberries and cherries, the easier to massage. Plain green tea is steamed 30-40 seconds.

Tea factory (dried tea manufacturing)

Drying (sojuu)

Steamed leaves stirring in hot hands, to about two-thirds water.

Kneading twist (juunenn)

Squish the moisture from the hard and dry compared to the leaf stalk, water the whole uniform.

While kneading (chuujuu)

Send hot air while twisting like drying, fine leaves, dry.

Cumshots kneading (Seijuu)

So leaves that form a straight needle for a heat rub dried slowly in addition.


Comes to about 5% water on hot and dry. Up to this point, have a "rough tea".


Ago except leave sifted, dried tea in large burns easily powdered. Depending on the type of leaves to get rid of various size mesh sieve.

Tea commercial (finish on tea production)

Drying (fire away)

In order to help me after drying.


Filter stem and powder tea was burned.

Dried (after the fire)

Once again put in the dryer, then pull the flavor called umami taste of tea and incense Tuesday, and called the fire burning.

If set

Bud Brown do to enhance flavor and aroma with pairs and finished in the previous stage, stem tea, this tea mix, this tea this tea and another to the mix. Finishing up here to tea process and the finished tea "on tea" and is called.


Tea was put in aluminum bags, filled with nitrogen gas, sealed. Delicious can one year from half a year by doing so.


Producing wholesalers and shops all over the country, transported by truck or rail.