Tea town Shizuoka
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Shizuoka tea cradle (monument)

A monument that tells us that Ashikubo is the birthplace of Shizuoka tea. Next to the monument is a tea tree sent from Zhejiang Province, China, where The Holy One Kunishi studied. The following inscriptions are engraved on the sub-monument (left photo):

The origin of the ashikubo tea
The history of Ashikubo tea is a start that Seiichi kunshi brought back the seed of tea from China 750 years ago (1244) from now and sowed it in this ground. Later, in the Edo period, when Ieyasu Tokugawa was in Sunpu Castle, Ashikubo tea was loved, and during the time of the third shogun Iemitsu, it was presented to Edo as a shogun family tea. In commemoration of the 750th anniversary of Seiichi Kokushi Bancha, we received tea seedlings through Shizuoka Prefecture from Zhejiang Province, China, which has a friendly alliance with Shizuoka Prefecture.
I planted trees here.
Ashikubo tea 750 Anniversary Festival Executive Committee

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