Tea town Shizuoka
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Tea room is uneven
Tea room rather uneven appearance photos

Engage in 45 years is a relaxing Japanese style Cafe

This is a café corner at the back of the shop by hanamuraen, a tea house that has been in business for 45 years. The shop, which displays posters of export tea labels from the Meiji era, as well as the forerunners used in the Showa era, as well as retro tools that were used in the past, is a relaxing japanese space where you can relax.

Motoyama Shizuoka tea in hot water refills free what decoctions can be enjoyed. Natural farming fujieda from green tea, original blend coffee, hand-crafted Western desserts are popular. Attraction is the fun together tea and diet meals such as soy-based Japanese-style omelet "k. Mullis'.

Enjoy a conversation while slowly sipping a little quiet space

Shop features

Offering tea
Green tea
Japanese tea
Matcha green tea
How to advertise
Their own BREW in a pot
BREW in a pot shop
New ways to enjoy (Latte, espresso, etc.)
Services provided
Experience menu
Sale of tea leaves
Tea sale

Tea room is uneven

421-1215, Shizuoka city, AOI-Ku, Hatori 2-13-66
Phone number
054-278-7275 / 080-3282-6272
Hours of operation
Closed on Mondays
Monday / year-end and new year holidays
And [five]
Pets are not allowed
Allowed (only assistance dogs accepted)