Tea town Shizuoka
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Pre Head Office Chiyoda
Pre <small>Head Office Chiyoda</small>Exterior photo

Menu with tea is a tea wholesale retail showcases

It is a tea café directly managed by the tea wholesaler "Koyanagizu Seiichi Shoten". When you sit at the table, tea is served instead of cold. The menu proposes various ways to taste tea, such as "a set of carefully selected high-quality tea and matcha and the popular fresh cream daifuku "Marifuku", "Japanese and Western sweets such as parfaits and anmitsu that use plenty of tea from Motoyama and matcha from Okabe" and "homemade matcha fresh pasta" kneaded with matcha for lunch.

In addition, in conjunction with seasonal events, we hold hands-on classes that parents and children can participate in using tea sweets sold at the store.

In the shop, locally grown tea is, of course, tea sets, tea sweets such as handles wide range of, providing a variety of charms of tea.

Bright restaurant with an open terrace with an elegant tea time

Shop features

Offering tea
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Matcha green tea
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Their own BREW in a pot
BREW in a pot shop
New ways to enjoy (Latte, espresso, etc.)
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Pre Head Office Chiyoda

7-1-47, Chiyoda, AOI-Ku, Shizuoka city 420-0803
Phone number
Hours of operation
*Cafes are open from 11:00 to 17:00 (16:00LO) on weekdays and 11:00-18:00 (17:00LO) on Weekends and Holidays.
Closed on Mondays
Days a week (closed on new year's day only)
And [29 units]
Pets are not allowed
Yes (Terrace seats only)