Tea town Shizuoka
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GREEN infinity CAFE
GREEN infinity CAFE exterior photo

Experience of producing tea "both Kawachi", tea farmer operated Cafe

As a place of exchange to convey the appeal of tea to many people, the tea café that "Yuyi- Green Eight" manufactures and sells tea is attached to its own factory.
All the spaces where you can taste tea are handmade. It is a stylish, warm and homely space using waste wood from an old private house.

Green tea, Japanese tea, and arranged tea made from tea leaves from our own own tea field can be tasted with original sweets, and various ways to enjoy tea are proposed.
One of the attractions is that it is a place where you can interact directly with tea farmers from the tea field, the origin of tea, and the conversation is also played while moistening your throat with delicious tea.

Handmade atmosphere with warm wood of the old House

Shop features

Offering tea
Green tea
Japanese tea
Matcha green tea
How to advertise
Their own BREW in a pot
BREW in a pot shop
New ways to enjoy (Latte, espresso, etc.)
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GREEN infinity CAFE

424-0403, Shizuoka, Shimizu-Ku, 和田島 349-4
Phone number
Hours of operation
10:00 - 16:00
Closed on Mondays
Monday (if the holiday the next day)
* Occasionally with
And [6 units]
Pets are not allowed
Allowed (only the Terrace seats available)