Tea town Shizuoka
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Your dry confectionery "tea"

Eating the remains dissolved in the drink,

Founder's 0/1867. It is over 150 years of tradition and taste in perpetuity, including Shizuoka's famous "abe川mochi", Ronan is making sweets confectionary.

And Higashi-tea "tea gardens", March 24-year Shizuoka city brand "Shizuoka AOI premium" is a product. As if lean postcards depicting views of the tea plantations, open the lid of the Bako and like cut of Shizuoka. That is, keep eating as you dry confectionery can also dissolve in hot water and drink. Green tea I melted in the hot milk is recommended.

Tea (saenn) 1296 yen (tax included)

Co., Ltd. March co songboling honten

Shizuoka city, AOI-Ku, Takajo 2-Chome 3 - 7
Phone number
TEL 054-252-0095
Hours of operation
Closed on Mondays