Tea town Shizuoka
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And do not start the tea.

Leading to "Shizuoka City Tea"
A catchphrase that represents all things/things,
Shizuo tea.

Blessed with a rich tea region,
We have two major brand teas, Shizuoka Motoyama tea and shimizu tea.
Tea shops boasting japan's top-class tea making technology are lined up.
The tea made in Shizuoka City, the town of Ochanocha, is "Shizuo tea".

Looking for words that simply represent "Shizuoka City Tea",
It was this phrase that arrived.

Shizuo tea is not just the tea you drink.
Eating, touching, feeling.
Unique to "Ono-no-Machi Shizuoka City",
The new way to enjoy tea is "Shizuo tea".

"Started the new Shizuoka tea? "
and aim to be able to turn around.
And if you say "Shizuo tea", you can
and aiming to come to everyone's mind.

This is a chance to connect you with the tea of Shizuoka City.
Shizuo tea begins.