Tea town Shizuoka
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It poured heart and soul to the tea of ​​breeding
Sugiyama Hikosaburo

Usually, tea you are drinking at home. Do you know something kind of tea?
It would be a kind of tea that perhaps "Yabukita".

"Yabukita" is a great product that will represent the Japanese tea that has been discovered and grown by Hikosaburo Sugiyama born in Shizuoka City.

Hikosaburo is still around the country in search of the kind of good tea from the time there is no idea of ​​"variety", which is planted in themselves and reclaim the fields of tea that I thought, worked for the selection of new varieties while trial and error .


Sugiyama Hikosaburo Memorial tea plantation

And from the north side of the fields were cultivated in the Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of fine arts lawn near the current 1908 (0/1908), "I want to tear" was found. Said named "I want to tear" comes into it.

Hikosaburo Sugiyama (1857-1941)
It was born in sake brewery of old Abe County likelihood village (Nakayoshida current Shizuoka Suruga-ku). Self-taught and started tea cultivation from a young age, after Japan made a great varieties of tea to discover the "Yabukita", it was committed his life to spread the tea breeding.
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