Tea town Shizuoka
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Tea tourism guide
Shizuoka Green Tea Guidebook
A guide of authentic green tea experiences in Shizuoka City.
Production and distribution by the cooperation of many people in the city, the tea parties and tea associated with various maps and leaflets. These tools to relax, enjoy the "Shizuoka tea city"!
Executive's verandah Cafe map
Farmers porch and relax where you can enjoy tea, Executive's Guide map of the verandah Cafe is.
Brown city map
Different industry group centered on the Shizuoka tea City area tea master "Shizuoka-tea city Concierge" is creating a map.
"Shizuoka tea city" taxi tour
Is the information leaflet on Shizuoka tourism and also tea farmers to ask "Shizuoka tea city" taxi tour.