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Seihiro SatoMr.

In Tamagawa, which is surrounded by clear streams and lush greenery, we spare no effort and try to make tea with old-fashioned effort.

The Tamagawa River in Aoi Ward, which draws from the upper reaches of the Abe River and draws from the flow of the Southern Alps. The tea farmer "Shidajima-en" in the Kawashima area, which is located almost in the center, does everything from cultivation to manufacturing by the hands of the family, and it is very important to make tea that is faithful to the basics and spares no effort.

Regarding the secret to making tea with a particularly strong taste and aroma among the production areas of Motoyama tea, Mr. Seihiro Sato, a seventh-generation gardener, says, "Because it is a tea made in an environment blessed enough to cultivate wasabi and create a whiskey distillery, it is better to leave it to nature and take advantage of the goodness of the material than to make unnecessary changes by people."

In the tea presentation space set up on the porch of the house, the tea you enjoy while surrounded by a large panorama of rich greenery is exceptional. In the future, it seems that you are considering holding a tea ceremony on the porch side and a regular tour of the tea plantation wasabi field, so why not visit once?

1298 Ochiai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka

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Tamagawa Tea

TypeSencha (shallow steamed)
VarietiesIt's a good time.
100g ¥1,080
One of the oldest Motoyama tea producing areas in Shizuoka City, Tamagawa's Yabukita Ichiban tea. A dish that you can taste both the rich umami taste like gyokuro and the refreshing feeling of sencha You can enjoy it deliciously, whether in hot water or in drainage.
By waiting patiently until the ice on top of the tea leaves melts, it is also recommended to enjoy a rich umami taste "ice out".
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Tamagawa Tea

Varietiesnative species
30g ¥540
Japanese tea using highly rare native species found only in the Tamagawa area. It has a sweet and gentle taste that can be drunk without sugar.
By using a filter-in bottle to "drain the water", you can enjoy the sweetness of Japanese tea.
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