Tea town Shizuoka
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Keisuke SuzukiMr.

In Ashikubo, the birthplace of Shizuoka tea, we continue to make fragrant aged "mountain tea" for generations.

The surroundings are all green. Ashikubo is located in the mountains in the northern part of Shizuoka City where you can only hear the sound of mountain streams and bird calls. Known as the birthplace of Shizuoka tea, the tea of Ashikubo is said to have been drunk by Prince Tokugawa Ieyasu in the past.

Keisuke Suzuki, who works hard to make tea in this area, says, "I believe that a rich natural environment nurtures delicious tea." In order to make the most of this climate, they are particular about the soil and value the feeling of not compromising everything by doing the process from harvesting to finishing with their own hands.

足久保の良さを知って欲しいという想いから、お茶づくりとともに「風香る森のホテル 鈴桃-Rindou-」の経営も。お茶農家らしいおもてなしとして、お部屋や廊下で焚く「茎茶」を使った茶香炉がとても好評だそうで、お土産として買い求めるお客様が多いとのこと。

Aiwa Tea Industry Co., Ltd.
Aoi-ku Ashikubo Okugumi 1285

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TypeSencha (shallow steamed)
VarietiesYabukita, Yamakai
100g ¥1,080
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Hokori Stem Hoji Tea Tea Bags

TypeStem Hoji Tea (Tea Bags)
VarietiesIt's a good time.
60g(3g×20個) ¥500
The stems of ripe shoots are carefully and carefully roasted. It is characterized by a refreshing, fragrant and deep flavor. I wrapped it in a pyramid-shaped tea bag that is easy to drink and spreads tea leaves.
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Chiffon Green Tea

TypeChiffon Cake
1カット ¥260
The fragrant best tea harvested in the mountains was confined to a gentle chiffon dough as it is. The refreshing taste and aroma of green tea spreads to the mouth the moment you eat it.
From the cultivation of tea as a raw material to processing and shipping, it is all chiffon cake handmade by tea farmers.
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風香る森のホテル 鈴桃-Rindou-での店頭販売