Tea town Shizuoka
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Maruumeen Garden

Daichi SugiyamaMr.

We are working hard for tea in the blue sky that pierces, the forest that spreads out, and the bush field with nature.

Maruumien is surrounded by a forest where the air is clear and very pleasant.
The owner, Daichi Sugiyama, says that it is important to make tea that is faithful to the basics, such as daily management work and tea making that determines the state of tea leaves so that anyone can say that it is delicious to drink.

Tea grown in a tea garden with a long hours of sunshine facing west is finished in a balanced and refreshing mountain tea that can feel astringency and bitterness in the taste and sweetness.

It is said that the number of repeat customers in online sales is increasing for Daichi-san's tea, whose product name is very fashionable, which is a link between stone words and the efficacy of tea. I want to compare it with the tea I usually drink.

Maruumeen Garden
914-6 Mobata, Shimizu-ku

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Yellow Crystal

TypeSencha (shallow steamed)
VarietiesIt's a good time.
100g ¥1,150
This shallow steamed tea is light golden, like the color of "yellow crystal". The shape of the tea leaves is glossy by carefully rubbing each leaf like a needle. It is a tea that is easy for anyone to drink with a good balance of umami, sweetness, and astringency. The heating is weakened so that you can see the original taste of the tea. Yellow crystal has the effect of relieving stress and tension when wearing it. This shallow steamed tea also brings peace and invites you to a warm space that is pale, gentle, comfortable, and warm.
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TypeSencha (shallow steamed)
VarietiesOka midori
80g ¥1,360
A gentle fragrance that is not persistent with a mellow mouthfeen, and does not come with an enveloping tsun. Oka midori is characterized by a "fragrance" anyway. Tea that enjoys the aftertaste of the aftertaste. There is a faint sweetness, and there is no habit, and it is easy to drink for everyone. It is recommended to have it rolled on the tongue like tasting wine.
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TypeJapanese Black Tea (Tea Bag)
VarietiesOka midori and Yybut
36g(3g×12p) ¥710
Red light blue shining bright red. The mellow mouthfeeer is unique to Japanese tea. The aroma is high, but the untying taste is preferred by a wide range of age groups. It is one of the elements to enjoy a faint sweetness.
Kodama is a symbol of victory and success. It also shows the meaning of being blessed with deep affection. By connecting its meaning and drinking with your important people, it invites you to a sweet space.
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