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Clean Tea Matsuno Co.

We always keep in mind the production of safe, secure and delicious clean tea, and strive to maintain and develop the local tea industry.

Cleantie Matsuno is a joint tea factory of more than 50 tea farmers in the middle of the Abe River and Matsuno districts. Under the banner of "Deep Steaming Specialty," we pursue a vivid and deep full-bodied taste and aroma, and we are constantly taking on the challenge of improving quality.

The flat tea plantation of about 30 hectares (equivalent to 6.5 Tokyo Domes) has good sunshine conditions and the rich soil nurtures the thick tea leaves of the noome unique to the Matsuno area. The thickness of this leafy meat is ideal for making deep steamed tea with a long heating time. Please try the carefully finished clean tea Matsuno's deep steamed tea without rough taste.

From the desire to directly feel the "smell" and "touch" that can only be understood by coming to the site, we are also focusing on tea tourism, such as accepting tea picking experiences and factory tours throughout the year, which has also been well received.

Clean Tea Matsuno Co.
Aoi-ku Tsuwatano 68

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Sky Cicadas

TypeSencha (deep steaming)
VarietiesIt's a good time.
100g ¥2,500
There is no "miscellaneous taste" that is common in deep steamed tea, and it has an elegant taste. The bright green color unique to deep steamed tea, the gorgeous and sweet and gentle aroma. Aiming for "delicious", "delicious", "delicious", "delicious", it has become a deep steamed tea that does not look like deep steamed tea. Deep steamed tea has fine leaves, many powders, fibers, and stems, which also accent the taste.
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Oka midori

TypeSencha (deep steaming)
VarietiesOka midori
100g ¥1,000
"Okumidori" 100% finishing tea. It is a colorful tea with features without bitterness, and an elegant tea that feels umami.
It is characterized by a soft mouthfeel and ease of drinking. First, admire its light blue beauty.
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TypeSencha (deep steaming)
VarietiesIt's a good time.
100g ¥780
Standard brand of deep steamed tea specialty clean tea Matsuno. Deep steamed tea in deep steamed tea. It is a popular tea that you can enjoy sweetness, bitterness, and the desired taste of tea. You can enjoy the difference in flavor from throat to nose and throat to mouth.
Powders and stems are also necessary accents for tea-ness.
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