Tea town Shizuoka
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【10/27(Sun)】 "8th Shizuoka City Tea Festival" will be held.

This event is now closed

"Discovery! Experience! Tea city "theme, information of"Shizuoka tea"and"Shizuoka tea city"and the charm collection!

There are events where you can enjoy your participants, family, please!

Tea Festival Flyer sit here!!

8th Shizuoka City Tea Festival Flyer (PDF)


(1) large tea city

(1) "Shizuoka City Tea" Sales Booth (12 booths)

Sell boasts tea, tea production and tea merchant city

(2) "Tea x Sweets" sales booth (5 booths)

Confectioner's shops in the city, selling suites fit the tea using a tea or

(3) see tea x food "sales booth 5

Sold goes to tea or used tea restaurants

(4) "Tea-related products" sales booth (2 booths)

Selling tea products, tea sets

(2) introduction of "Shizuoka tea city" and experience

(1) experience booth(2 booths)

Tea-hand rubbing experience, matcha experience

(2) city Shizuoka of tea, tea delicious put booth(Booth)

(And limited time, conducted compete tea Department) introduced good brewing tea and the basics of "Shizuoka tea city"

(3) booth for introducing tea manufacturing process(2 booths)

Demonstration of rough tea manufacturing process, etc.

(4) PR booth (3 booths)

"Onomachi Shizuoka City Taxi Tour" and other activities

(3) Shizumae Collaboration Booth

Collaboration booth with the 4th Shizumae Oksiz Festival held the day before

(4) Poster contest works exhibited
Conducted this year tea diary just business as "Shizuoka city tea day poster contest winners show at the venue.

(5)Stage events

10:00- Shizuoka City "Tea Day" Poster Contest Award Ceremony

11:00~ Suruga Honzan Tea Festival Committee Ochatsubo Procession Introduction

11:30~ Juggler John Street Performance

12:15~ Orange Wave Girls Dance Show

12:45~ Kobe Brothers Live Performance

13:45~Hikoichi Dumpling Street Performance

14:45-Little Step Factory Dance Show

[Year view]

On Saturday, October 26, the day before"The 4th Shizumae Oksiz Festival"Well organized!

◇Date and Time: Reiwa October 26 (Sat) 10:00-16:00
◇Venue: Aoba Symbol Road (Aoi-ku, Gofuku-cho, 2-chome Jiuchi, etc.)

The 4th Shizumae Oksiz Festival Flyer (PDF)

Exhibition outline

Date & time
10:00-afternoon 4:00 rain or shine
Aoba symbol loading (AOI-Ku, kamigofuku-machi 2-Chome etc)
Participation fee
Advance registration
No longer needed
Shizuoka city (agricultural policy)
For inquiries:
Shizuoka city (agricultural policy)
From JR Shizuoka station, walk about 10 minutes
From the static iron railway Shin-Shizuoka station, 5 min walk
Static iron bath Prefecture, Shizuoka city, AOI-Ku, City Hall Hall approximately 2 minutes on foot
* No parking
Also recommended
[2/16 (Sunday)] 19th local tea ceremony
2/1 (Sat.) Symposium commemorating the 120th anniversary of the opening of Shimizu Port "The Mysterious Relationship between Shimizu Port and Tea and Bicycles"
[11/23 (Saturday and holiday)] GREEN MARCHE will be held!
[11/7 (Thursday) - 10 (Sunday)] World Tea Festival 2019 Plus Tour
November 7 (Thu) - Meeting to think about the world of Shizuoka tea: International Symposium and Exhibition of Materials "Shizuoka Tea Connecting the World"