Tea town Shizuoka
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Here's the time and space that fascinates you
At "Ochana town Shizuoka City", while polishing traditional techniques, we continue to convey the taste and way of enjoying tea that suits the times, and there is a space "Shizuoka Tea Café" where you can spend a hearty time with tea in the city.
Each person spends a hearty time with tea, and the way to enjoy it is infinite. Through tea, you will meet people and discover the flavors and ways to enjoy tea that you do not know yet.
Why don't you go to Shizuoka Tea Cafe to connect various relationships?

What is ?

Shizuoka Tea Cafe is a space where creators (tea farmers and tea merchants) convey their thoughts, listen to, connect, and connect with consumers.


Shizuoka Tea Cafe is a relaxing space close to everyone where everyone can spend a relaxing time while casually tasting delicious tea.


Shizuoka Tea Cafe is a space where you can taste various teas deliciously and happily in various ways.


Shizuoka Tea Cafe is a space that conveys the charm (information) of tea to answer your questions and questions about tea.