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And beauty of the Shimizu town than 2018 spring < no. 37 > publishing

Picture of the city than 2018, spring issue of Shimizu and beauty < No. 37 > publishing

From shimizu's tea making association, the spring 2018 issue <第37号> was published from Shimizu's tea tea town.

Please read the thoughts of farmers unique to the new tea season.

(1) farmers arekore!
What do tea farmers think and how they work during the new tea season?

(2)The local tea shop introduction

 (3) of the annual 17-local tea in paper

Shimizu Tea Tea Town [Table] (PDF:2MB)

Shimizu's Tea Tea Town [Back] (PDF:2MB)

& Create ☆ Shimizu all tea!
It was established in November 2001, mainly from Shimizu's tea specialty stores and producers, to create a new tea culture and to make Shimizu a tea town.