Tea town Shizuoka
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Cafe 1
Spread the aroma of tea underground JR Shizuoka station
Photograph of Cafe 1

Shizuoka tea Cafe tea tea Takumi boasts of the city about 50 companies

Shizuoka tea industries, Commerce, industry and cooperatives operated Japan tea Cafe is. Tea Guild member exhibitors (approximately 50 companies) gathered together the weekly presents 3 types as "tea day". Then choose favorite tea, sweet taste with pastries or over.

The staff will be careful lye in the first roast, and after the second, you will pour hot water into the teapot and make tea. The staff will teach you how to make a delicious tea, so you can enjoy a tea with a teapot easily. There is also a popular shop corner where tea leaves selected by about 50 tea masters can be purchased in one coin.

Depending on the season we enjoy the tea pot with tea

Shop features

Offering tea
Green tea
Japanese tea
Matcha green tea
How to advertise
Their own BREW in a pot
BREW in a pot shop
New ways to enjoy (Latte, espresso, etc.)
Services provided
Experience menu
Sale of tea leaves
Tea sale

Cafe 1

JR Shizuoka station underground (and not only in Chica)
Phone number
Hours of operation
(LO 18:30)
Closed on Mondays
Wednesday (holidays for next business day)
Year-end and new year holidays.
Pets are not allowed
(Not possible)