Tea town Shizuoka
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Maruichi Mizuno Seicha

Sino MizunoMr.

I want to convey to customers the joy of making tea and the wonders of nature.

Founded in 1967, Maruichi Mizuno Tea is a long-established tea shop that is popular locally. The tea leaves made at nihondaira tea garden overlooking Mt. Fuji throughout the four seasons are processed at their own factory and sold at their own stores.

He has been working on tea tourism for 11 years, such as tea picking experience, and said, "The event that I started in detail with the staff of only my family has now become a big event with more than 150 people. The owner, Masao Mizuno, was deeply moved. Since 2003, we have been focusing on activities such as tea picking experience, tea factory tour, and hand-presenting tea guidance as a place for local elementary school students to experience learning.

Please visit The Shop of Mr. Soi-san, which is easy to visit casually.

Maruichi Mizuno Seicha
362 Aritozaka, Shimizu-ku

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TypeSencha (Tea Bag)
VarietiesIt's a good time.
20 packs ¥540
Good flavor, good taste! Maruichi's proud green tea bag. It is delicious even if you take hot water or water. I don't have time to brew tea slowly! Even in such a case, delicious tea can be made in a few seconds.
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Dried Fruit Tea

A tea tea bag with plenty of dried fruit is perfect for a gift. You can enjoy both ice and hot. All black tea and fruits are produced in Shimizu! !
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What a powdered tea

TypeSencha (Powdered Tea)
VarietiesIt's a good time.
50g ¥540/100g ¥1,080
The tea was powdered. It is also very active in cooking and sake! It's easy not to have a tea gara.
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