Tea town Shizuoka
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Tea-growing district in Japan plan

Tea-growing district in Japan Planning and the

The official name "- Toward the realization of the town 100 years initiative of Shizuoka tea-growing district in Japan plan ~ tea". Plans to be determined based on the "Shizuoka Aim tea-growing district in Japan ordinance" which came into effect in April 1, 2009, tradition related to Shizuoka tea, culture, to protect the industry, etc., and brought up the Shizuoka City as Japan's tea-growing district It sets and measures to continue to inheritance to the next generation.

The purpose of the plan

It is made "improvement of the rich and healthy life of promotion and citizens of Shizuoka tea industry", ie, "happy life tea nurture" will and purpose that followed a long time in the land.

Frame of planning

It aims to consistency with the "Shizuoka City comprehensive plan" to the plan to consist of the following three.
[Concept]--Roughly 100 years ought to be.
[Plan]Basic idea: ten years of term 5 year review (currently no. primary late:H27-H31 year).
[Plan]... Three years in concrete action plans for each annual review (currently no. 1 phase:H27 late-H29 year).

Aim at the "basic plan" outline = ("long term vision)

"City of everyone yearn tea around the world."
-Industrial cultural creative city filled with a happy smile ~

No tea-making attractive and relaxing the mind, of course, through the tea in addition to the living space, in town people come seeking a smile and community outside of town and also, tea and information exchange, and the Exchange is also giving rise to a new smile — aims to be continuously creating new value through such tea "tea city Shizuoka-Shi".

The gist of the "basic plan"

After a 10-year goal image = "city is a regional power of true tea

Is assumed to be 10 years from now the industrial structure of the tea industry is different.
Especially for tea cultivation as farming and dried tea processing, elderly ratio of workers progresses significantly downsizing of tea production is concentrated, said has affected whether or not inherited as an industry vital to the next generation, production.

In the self-help efforts of the tea industry is of course the new tea tea by anyone around the world yearn for town work closely with various sectors including governmental, civil "Shizuoka tea city" and various industrial resources of Shizuoka, I dearly love, images in the future core of town positioned to shift to a "highly areas of true tea city" period.

100% of citizens feel proud after a 10-year goal indicator = tea of Shizuoka city
Goal indicators
Tea new base development area...-ha(H21) → → 60 ha (H26) 150 ha (H31)
1 household per quantity (leaf tea) tea. 2352 g / year (H26) → g / 1868 (H21) 2600 g / year (H31)
JR Shizuoka Station North exit underground Plaza "Café 1" use number...-people per year (H21) → 33985 / year (H26) → 39000 people per year (H31)

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Background of planning

May 13, 2006, Shizuoka tea is facing a first major milestone of 100 years have been exported to foreign direct from Shimizu, Shimizu tea direct export 100 anniversary event was held. Tea direct export from Shimizu is not only the development of the tea industry, the development of related industries, such as harbor maintenance and Shizuoka Shimizu of development of urban infrastructure, resulted in a significant impact on the development of as our Shizuoka city below.
Aiming at "tea city" is at the very meaningful ceremony, Japan's appeal to the Community Declaration of Shizuoka city, tea was made in "wind even after 100 years of aiming at community development of fragrant tea" and declared that the "city of Shizuoka city tea 100-year vision" making proceeded, public and private sectors.

Town Planning declaration of Shizuoka tea

Cityin Shizuoka city is blessed with rich nature, may fluoresce in the fresh green tea surrounded by fragrant early summer machijyu.
"Tea city" was born through the efforts of many predecessors, cherish has been handed down.
We are aiming at "tea city" as an Ordinance-designated City, Japan 1 attraction is, declare the community of tea here.
One, history and nature, it will inherit the tea manufacturing that nurtured the thought of tea farmers
One, will tell tea "of the sum mind" and to cherish "clear mind" and "compassion"
One, we will tell family and friends, to colleagues around the world to put delicious way of tea
One, we will aim to town development of wind fragrant tea even after a hundred years

Shizuoka Aim tea-growing district in Japan ordinance

December 12, 2008, policy regulations "Shizuoka Aim tea-growing district in Japan ordinance" by lawmakers proposed that becomes the Shizuoka city council's first was passed enacted. Tradition on the Shizuoka tea, protect culture, industry and the like, basic principles and in order to continue to inheritance to the next generation brought up as Japan's tea-growing district of Shizuoka, tea suppliers and citizens, the role of government, and even the promotion of measures basic matters related has been established. Enactment of this ordinance, development work of receiving the enforcement "Shizuoka tea-growing district in Japan Plan" began in earnest.

Overview of the region of Japan article 1 example
Region of Japan article for examples

Basic philosophy of the ordinance

  • Create a new value of tea in Shizuoka and demand and constantly enhances its appeal.
  • Tea industry is developing as an industry to contribute to the revitalization of the local community.
  • Protecting to safe and high-quality still tea will provide a stable production environment.
  • Promote the exchanges centering on Shizuoka tea, make suitable region of Japan, Shizuoka tea to widely disseminate information and community development.

The main contents of the ordinance

  • Establishment of Shizuoka-Shi region in Japan plan (article 7)
  • Shizuoka-Shi region of Japan's Committee established (article 8)
  • "Tea day" legislation (article 9)

11/1, Shizuoka-Shi "tea day".

Familiar with tea in Shizuoka, Shizuoka tea traditions, culture, industry, etc. for better understanding make its appeal at home and abroad 11/1 Shizuoka, tea set. Is the date of birth of the Hierophant 1 11/1 is the "father of Shizuoka tea" from Shizuoka (AOI-Ku, 栃沢). Want familiar tea throughout the year as well as new tea time with the brotherhood.

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Tea of ​​the city 100 years initiative - now, why hundred years of even long-term vision is required of

Now, tea production areas that represent Japan, the surrounding environment is Shizuoka City is a distribution center of tea, including the production site as agriculture, diversification of consumption due to lifestyle changes, changes in the distribution structure, etc., it changed dramatically turf did. In the future, not population decline is inevitable due to the progress of the declining birthrate and aging, age is already entered into the space when it is not able to measure the rule of thumb of the past.

Under these circumstances, the future also flourished tea as industry Shizuoka City, lives tea in the everyday life and culture, to everyone there in feel "tea town" continue, in an ad hoc deal therapy rather, to draw a vision that outlook the distant future while learning from history, there to go steadily Ayumu as cornerstone of the compass, you considered necessary which will lead to think the next generation.

It will continue to change To ever the lives of people with the times, but tea making that Itonama in the steep mountains is not intended can easily change the appearance. That's why, which was captured by the long yardstick of hundred years, we believe that there is a need for a variety that will not be subjected to rough seas to lose sight of the destination in the ocean that era, also becomes the heart of the landmark of our citizens compass, ultra long-term "Shizuoka tea town 100 years Concept" making was underway.