Tea town Shizuoka
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Tea tourism guide

Private reception of the tea experience and consultation Shizuoka tea tour desk

Making the tea experience more readily, in comfort.
Please leave it to us.

Consultation for tea experience

We can help if you have special requests such as “I’d like to have a tea experience, but what options do I have?” “I’d like to learn about new methods of enjoying green tea!” etc. We can arrange a tea experiencing program tailored to your requests.

Reservations and Tailoring it to your schedule

Tailoring the events into your schedule directly with tea farmers and tea traders can be a challenging chore. It is our pleasure to help the process a smooth one.

Leave all the arrangements to us

We can arrange for taxi tours to take you around tea farms and tea plants along with trips to popular tourist destinations, and also provide an interpreter for foreign visitors.

Information on Tea Tourism Desk
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Inquiry by phone
SURUGA Marketing & Tourism Bureau
Office hours: 8:30-17:15 (Except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
Only call charge may apply, no extra cost. When contacting,
please include following information: Your name, number of participants, preferred date, preferred content, and contact information.
This service does not guarantee your reservation. Arrangements to suit your request may not always be possible, due to tea farmers’ and tea traders’ work schedule.

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About the “Shizuoka City Tea Tourism Project” in its Entirety

Shizuoka City, well-known as the place where Shizuoka Tea originated, and famous even today as one of the nation’s leading producers of tea. Tea traders boasting the highest quality tea-production technology, line the streets with tea shops, processing teas collected from around the nation in various methods.

Many experiences can be gained through visits to tea farms and tea traders’ shops around Shizuoka City. Extraordinary experiences other than “drinking” tea, such as tea picking, tea plant tours, tea-blending experiences that can only be had at an authentic “Home of Tea” just a little step out of the way.

The “Shizuoka City Tea Tourism Project” was established to convey the charms and provide even richer tea experiences to our guests, with hope that they will readily utilize the system and enjoy a slow and relaxing time through their experiences.