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The green tea we enjoy on a daily basis is grown and managed by tea farmers with great care from the moment they shoot fresh sprouts on the tea plantations. It is then delivered to customers after being carefully blended through the skilled expertise of the tea traders.

“Tea Tourism”, a mini hands-on experience based tour that can be enjoyed within Shizuoka City allows visitors to see the ins and outs of the tea production process and facilities in a non-day-to-day environment, enjoying locally produced tea and mingling with others.

Visit the tea plantations or tea traders with family or friends on your day off and enjoy an experience unique to Shizuoka.

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Currently, from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infections, there are companies that are considering accepting customers.
If you would like to experience it, please contact the "Szuocha Tour Desk".
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Introduces the tea experience tours organized in Shizuoka City.
Please refer to each page for tour details, reservations and queries.

4/21/2019 (Sunday)
Soft laboratoryShizuoka tea originated in ashikubo tea picking help (salty) tour
4/27/2019 (Saturday)-5/6 (Mon. / holiday)
Soft laboratorySofuto morning live! Community morning tea market tour and tea SANPO tour
4/27/2019 (Saturday)-5/12 (Sunday)
Soft laboratoryShizuoka horsetail tea tours